Learn Simple Ways Marketing Can Benefit from Branding

Brand Marketing: If marketing is your tool, brand marketing is your sharpener

“If I am using marketing to promote my business, what do I need with brand marketing?”

Branding is the unique messaging to identify your company, not only to consumers but in comparison to competitors. Where brand marketing can fine tune your messaging as you are creating content for your business.

“But what if I already have a logo?” A logo is one element. A brand has many elements including a business’ culture, personality, image, and reputation. It heightens awareness of your company as a whole, not only your product or service.

Hold right there. Building brand into your marketing has many advantages. Before you have any more suspicions, I will explain ways brand marketing can amplify your business.

Gain positive customer perception

A black circle with Pattern written in the center, a white circle with Perception written in the center overlapping with Reality written in the overlap
Pattern +Perception = Reality. No different in brand marketing.

“Perception is reality.” — Lee Atwater. Your company’s perception belongs to the consumer. What perception do consumers have to your company or organization? Is it the one you intended?

With a considered brand, you can steer perception towards one that is bold and accurate. Marketing research is critical in getting the insight of customer response. It makes sense to use branding, to begin with, the best impression possible.

Distinguish your business

One orange mushroom at the top right corner within an array of white mushrooms
Use brand marketing to stand out in the crowd.

There are so many similar products and services on the market for customers to choose. How are you getting them to choose yours? Being louder isn’t better. Grabbing their attention isn’t enough. But, a distinguishable company can lead consumers right to your product or service.

Provide clarity

What does your company do? Are you comfortable asking your ideal customer this question? If the answer is no, then you may want to find ways to make it stated.

Brand messaging helps to simplify and narrow down your content. Focus. State what you do. If you can’t, your ideal customers won’t know. Be concise and purposeful in communications about your business. It will have great success in appealing to your ideal customers. Lead them to a company they can believe in.

Keep consistent

For clarity provide consistency. Branding will encompass steady visual and emotional cues. Everything from the tone to aesthetics to handling customer service included. All marketing content should match the brand you established. Every customer interaction should uphold the brand image. Each employee should be familiar with the company brand.

Lead with your vision and voice. Then continue this. Keeping consistent is key to brand recognition.

Build recognition

Yellow circle surrounding a dark orange circle with the name Alo in the center
Does this logo make you think of say, Tide? This is Alo, Tide’s Turkish logo.

Recognition is important in building value for your business. If consumers know and trust your brand, and they are more likely to be repeat customers. When a consumer trusts in a product they are willing to pay more. Podium says, 68% will pay up to 15% more for the same product or service. So, is it all about the product or services? Not too likely.

Promoting sales isn’t the only way. Therefore, gain connection. Have a strong customer base. Many consumers make emotional purchasing decisions. Make their decision easier by being THAT brand. Most of all, there are so many similar products and services on the market. Deliver better than before. Give thought to branding before your next marketing journey. It could be the right strategy to gain a successful advantage in your industry.

What ways can you incorporate brand marketing into your strategy?

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