Helena designed the promotional materials for many of our events on campus, making clever, eye-catching, professional posters that helped us to recruit hundreds of students. She turned out quality work quickly and helped us throughout the promotion process to convert her initial designs into banners, buttons, and leaflets. At the University of Oregon most students learned to filter out posters and promotions but she translates our events and themes into designs that not only get people to really stop, look, and remember our events but also to point them out to their friends when walking by. Helena’s time and labor were more than worth the investment.

Max Jensen

Former Events & Finance Coordinator, University of Oregon LGBTQA3

It was easy to communicate with and understand you via email, and being available by text was nice as that can be a less time-consuming way to chat and update. I think you understood the aesthetic we were going for while checking in that it was going in an agreeable direction. The changes suggested by the board was well taken and implemented. I would say to anyone on the fence that it was a relaxed and casual exchange while keeping things crisp and professional via that memorandum of understanding, which makes sure both parties were clear about what to expect. I am glad you worked with us at a discount to support a cause and that we were able to give you space to show your work. I think working in various media keeps any artist well rounded.

Kat Herrera

Event Coordinator, Noche Latinx Eugene