Vintage Macabre Magazine

Vintage Macabre Magazine | Editorial Design

Vintage Macabre is a horror memorabilia magazine. Its demographic targets those who love classic horror movies, art, culture, and interested in collecting said memorabilia. This is a mock magazine created specifically for this project.

Cover design


Editorial Design, Logo + Brand Identity,
Typography and Photo Editing


Start Date: November 2, 2014
End Date: June 2, 2015

Project Overview

This project required me to invent a fictitious magazine developing basic ideas of its target market demographic and mission. From its initial idea, the logo and masthead was created and subsequently the idea for the cover article.

As a fan of the horror genre myself, Vincent Price was a natural fit to feature in a classic horror magazine. After some research into articles, I discovered he was an avid cook and authored the cookbook, A Treasury of Great Recipes, with his wife, Mary Price. This discovery inspired the decision to tackle Vincent Price’s cooking as the feature article topic.

The article and images of this project were found and do not belong to me.

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